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Best Google Photos Alternatives Software in 2023


Many of us weren’t seeking the best Google Photos alternatives. If you’re still seeking a great Google Photos alternative and are wondering if there’s any service that offers a comparable (or better) cloud storage plan for your valuable memories, you’ve come to the correct spot. Before we look at other options, you should be aware that Google Images is much more than just a cloud storage service for your photographs and movies.

The good news is that there are already a number of outstanding Google Photos substitutes available for individuals who are ready to leave the company. The bad news is that they don’t all offer the same set of features, and some of them take a lot more work to set up. Here are some of your top choices!

Best Google Photos Alternatives in 2023


Another high-end cloud storage choice is iDrive. With 5GB of free space, iDrive has a modern UI. Data can be restored to a specific point in time with the aid of iDrive’s “Snapshot and Versioning” feature. Because you can restore all your data to a specified point in time, this function is especially helpful against ransomware assaults.

Up to 10 TBs of storage capacity and multi-year subscriptions are both available from iDrive. A excellent Google Photos substitute, iDrive syncs all of your data in real time to all of your various devices.

It was also quite simple for me to use. It was easy for me to access my images from both my laptop and my phone, and I appreciated that it worked well with both Windows and macOS. Additionally, setting up automatic backups was quite simple. And if you take your photography seriously, you may configure these backups to preserve image quality. IDrive additionally offers a free subscription with 5GB of storage!

Microsoft One Drive

Despite not being specifically made to save videos and photographs, Microsoft OneDrive impresses in very few areas.

By activating the Camera Upload option, you can also decide whether to automatically backup your photographs and videos. Additionally, it syncs between devices so you can see your images whenever you want on your phone, computer, or the web. Additionally, it provides a wealth of file management options, and identity verification allows you to protect your confidential information.


In 2023, Flickr is still a fantastic substitute for Google Images for storing your photos. You can register for this service without charge and gain access to a lot of free space to upload all of your images to the cloud. As a result, all of your images will be securely stored, accessible from any device, and free up space on your phone.

If you only want to keep the best photographs, the app allows for individual uploads or automatic syncing of all of your photos. To prevent nosy eyes from seeing your private life, you can also set photos and videos to private. Since it is built from the ground up for images, maintaining order in albums is also a breeze.

You’ll need to sign up for Flickr Pro if you want unrestricted photo and video storage. The regular monthly package has a price of $7.99. The benefits of a Flickr Pro subscription include unlimited storage, a 10-minute video limit, and ad removal.


As a free alternative to Google Photos in 2023, Dropbox is one of the most widely used storage services in history and allows you to save much more than simply photos and videos. The free account’s 2 GB of storage space is perhaps a little insufficient in comparison to the other choices on the list. When you don’t intend to preserve a lot of data, it is an utility with programs for all operating systems and is highly beneficial.

Additional security and efficiency features are what you receive in exchange, which may or may not be worthwhile if all you want to store are pictures of your children.

Since Dropbox has been around for so long, it is hardly surprising that it has developed into a service and application that can manage all of your data while maintaining a very simple and elegant user experience. No matter the platform, Dropbox provides a straightforward process to share a folder of images or retrieve files that have died digitally.

Amazon Photos

Because it seems like the greatest place to save images, Amazon Photos is one of the top Google Photos alternatives. The user interface is almost identical and employs the same fundamental workflow as Google Photos. This Google Photos substitute offers limitless photo storage, which is even better.

The service is a part of Amazon and is not offered separately. However, switching photographs to a service for which you already pay is simple. Your photos will be deleted if you cancel your Prime membership. The total storage will only be 5GB, therefore they might be permanently removed.

Unlimited photo storage will be free for Amazon Prime subscribers. However, the amount of free storage for videos is only 5 GB.


Those who want to stop using the built-in Google Photos app will find this Android-only app to be a fantastic photo gallery substitute. It is easy to use and has a good interface. It offers a calendar view so you can see how many photos you’ve shot on a given day or month, and it automatically sorts your photos by date and place.

The commercial edition of Piktures offers features like PIN security, Dropbox synchronization, and other features. GIF files, photographs, and videos can all be uploaded with the free Piktures account.


We now know that Google Photos’ privacy policies are rather dubious and that we cannot rely on them. That was the fundamental driver behind starting the search for Google Photos substitutes. We have given you nine excellent names. They do, however, have a fair number of drawbacks.

Will you pay for the security of your photos? Or do the free accounts work just fine for you? Please share your thoughts with us in the box below for comments.

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