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Coin Master Treasure Cave – Key For To Get Spins


Coin Master is a game with various components and social elements that anyone may download for free on Android or iOS. Coin Master Treasure Cave is a new event in this game. Its primary purpose is for you to construct and lead communities while attacking and defending your own.

It is important to note before proceeding that the game itself informs you that it contains numerous simulated gambling components.

What is Treasure Cave in Coin Master?

Treasure Cave is a Coin Master side event. It lasts a few days and throughout that time you can win free spins, cash, and XP. If you’re a Pet Master player, you might know the event because they have it as well. Picking hunt is the term used there. This event’s purpose is to open treasure chests.

The Treasure Cave is a time-limited mini-game in which you can win some huge stuff. You will be rewarded if you select the correct chest. When you acquire the golden pig head, you know you’ve found the appropriate chest. If you do, you will advance to the next level. You win the grand prize if you uncover all ten treasures.

You’ll notice your quest and a new world of locked chests when you enter the Treasure Cave. The chests can only be unlocked with a special key, which you can obtain as a reward through various events and features.

How to collect keys to open treasure chests?

To access the chests in Treasure Cave, you must first acquire keys. You can earn these by completing specified missions in the main event or by randomly spinning the wheel. If you’re desperate for keys, you can even buy them, though I strongly advise against it. It is not a good investment.

What are the things that you will win in Treasure Cave?

The Treasure Cave event has ten levels. You must find the treasure chest on each level. You must find the chest out of only five chests on the initial stage, but as you progress through the event, you must choose from more chests. However, the rewards increase.

The prizes are also affected by the village you are in. The greater your village number, the greater your prizes. I’m now in Village 195 as I type this. When I uncover all ten treasure chests, I receive 11K spins, 500 million coins, a Joker card, and a big chest.

Each chest you open could provide a fantastic reward, be empty, or hold a Golden Idol. The Golden Idol will allow you to go to the next level, where you will be able to win even more gifts. The players who find all of the Golden Idols and complete all of the levels will win a grand prize.

Collect Coin Master Free Spins šŸŽšŸŽ


Any treasure you find is yours to keep. Click on the rewards bag to see what you’ve won so far if you want to keep track of your winnings.

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