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Viking Quest Simple Win Method – Part 1


 Coin Master has various events in which the game lets players achieve big wins and new rewards. The Viking Quest is one of them. Viking Quest is an outstanding chance for players to get free spins and coins, XP, pet potions, pet food, and a rare golden card.

Viking quest is an event in the Coin Master game in which you can win coins, XP, chests, pet potions, and overall: gold cards. You have to have piled a pile of coins to do this, and you are posting it to complete ten levels. 

Coin Master Viking Quest Tips and Tricks

How to play Viking game Event is well described by the lads of Coin Master, so I won’t describe that, what I will tell you which tactics can ease you complete the Viking quest. Why? Because in this game, you’d drop more than you get. Besides for when you practice this Coin Master Viking Quest cheats.

Viking Quest is one of the likely common events because it takes many interesting rewards with itself. And as a bonus, the coins you win in the event will be raid-free for three minutes, like a ghost mode in Coin Master, where you have the benefit of not getting stolen by a friend for a while.

You already grasp how to play Viking Quest, so let’s move on to the Viking Quest Tricks and Tips without spending more time. So wave on with us to traverse all Viking Quest tips and methods we have gathered for you.

Coin Master Viking Quest bonus wheel

Viking Quest begins easy. You have to play five times, and the coins required for that are provided to you. After that, there are a few steps in which you have to get coins or play a simple Bonus wheel. The first important check is level six. You have to win a severe amount of coins at this stage from the game bonus wheel. 

How to get a bonus wheel in the Coin Master game? The difficulty is that the spin wheel only shows up once in a while, while huge wins don’t repay your coins bet. There’re three ways you can touch this.

Viking Quest is an interesting event that showers huge coins over a user, with many other rewards. But, to win huge coins from the Viking Quest event, you must have a pile of coins stacked for yourself. Then only will you be able to get some benefit in the Viking Quest?

Once you have coins of around 5-7 billion Coin Master coins, you’re all fixed for the event. We have discussed some tricks for the Viking quest that will help to get more Coins and other interesting rewards from the event. If you follow these tips exactly, this will decrease your chances of wasting a single cent in the coin master game.

The initial and most accepted way to play Viking Quest is to play until you complete level 6. In here, you see the gold card. Depending on the village lever you are in, you apparently will want 1.5-2 billion coins. You will get this doing only a third of your pile. This is because you gain winnings from various compounds, and you don’t need that multiple bonus wheel winnings. Hence this way is simple, but you only receive a gold card.

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