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Coin Master Villages – Levels and Costs of Villages


Do you need to upgrade your Coin Master Villages? You should need coins for upgrading each star on every Village. The first village name is Land of Vikings. It costs 3 million coins. The second village will cost you over 5 million. Moving up villages to 33, then you need over 100 million coins. This amount grows to bn of coins if you are past village 75.

Calculate the cost of Coin Master Villages

The name of the 192nd Village is Basketball. This cost is 83.6 bn. Huh! Don’t compare with under 192nd level Coin Master Villages. You’ve to save a lot of coins in your store. Don’t scare about a higher amount of coins. Because you can earn maximum coins by going to raid your friend’s Coin Master Villages. and also you can participate in extra events in games. You’ll earn many coins to join with every event. Don’t forget to miss them. Village complete maybe become harder if you didn’t participate in the events.

Cost of Coin Master Villages

Below the table will help you to know about the cost of each village. You can see the list of all current villages up to 293. For each village, Coin Master also calculated the total village cost for you. So don’t forget to check this list before you ready to build your villages.

Village Master and Village Mania

Building villages is very costly. That’s why it is good to build your village during a Village Master event. At this time, There’re 2 village events. They are Village Master and Village Mania. In the Village Master event, you get Coin Master Free Spins, coins, and XP when you complete your Coin Master Villages during the event. You’ll get a discount on the village items during the Village Mania event. Ensure you use at least one of these events because it will lower cost than your village’s primary cost. Make use of both events to get maximum discounts and free rewards.

Build your village one by one

There’s a lot of chance to attack your village while starting to build a village. Your shields will protect your Coin Master Villages from attacks, but these shields will not protect end forever. Some Coin Master Villages has 5 shields, and some villages have 3 shields. They’re depending on your Village level. Rhino pet will help after all shields are finished.

Unfortunately, If you don’t have a Rhino pet, your villages will damage whine others trying to attack your village. Then you need to fix the damaged property. In the first attack, you have to pay half the amount the costs of the items; then, after a second attack, you have to pay the full price of the item. Once you build your village, you won’t get attack and hold on to your village costs low.

Some FAQ about Coin Master Villages

How many villages available in Coin Master

At the end of this year, there are 293 villages in Coin Master. The price of the highest village is over 1 trillion coins. The latest confirmed village price is over 1.6 trillion coins of 293rd village.

What are the village master and village mania?

Both are semi events during the main events in Coin Master. They both last for 1 to various hours; the big difference between village master and village mania by the rewards. You’ll get a discount on specific items or all items during village mania. At this moment, there are 2 types of Village Mania. First, You’ll get a 65% discount on all items in the last row. Secondly, you get 20% on all items. You can collect and Coins on our site without missing.

What are the offers from Village Master?

Village Mania will give you a discount; Village Master gives you rewards. If you finish a village during Village Master, then you get coins, spins, and XP. At times you don’t get spins, but you get a lot of coins. The number of spins differs per village. The higher your village number, the higher the number of spins. For more information, connect with us on.

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