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Coin Master Pets – Best Tips and Tricks


The pets in the Coin Master game are your partner in the quest to defeat and become the Coin Master. There’re 3 Coin Master Pets in the game. They are Foxy, Tiger and Rhino.

Pets help players in different ways of the game and make the advance through the villages more rewarding.

Foxy when you reach the Inca village and voyage with him as you collect cards to complete sets and unlock new pets! You can understand more about each pet here. Alright! Don’t waste your time to search Coin Master Free Spins any other.

Type of Coin Master Pets


Foxy is unlock first Pet in all Coin Master Pets the game and it skills are exceptionally very helpful. In Raids, Foxy will dig up the fourth spot to get extra coins!

Once you reach Village 4th level, your first Coin Master Pet Foxy will be unlocked and an animation will escort you through the several actions associated with pets such as feeding and leveling them up. 

When Foxy is active you get extra coins while raids up to 106% of the amount you raided. Raids can give you over 10 billion coins when bet is 100x in a single raid.


The Tiger’s work is to increase the number of coins during attacks wins on other players’ villages. Tiger will help you each single time you attack other players as long as he is awake.

In order to unlock the Tiger, you will first need to entire the Beasts Card Collection.

Rhino – 3rd pet in Coin Master Pets

Rhino’s aim in the Coin Master game is to help protect your village! Your village is attacking by anyone then you’ll lost all of shields, your Rhino will have a chance to block that attack.

Please remember that when first hatched, the Rhino has a 10% chance of blocking attacks. Using XP Potions to level Rhino pet up will increase this chance. In order to unlock the Rhino pet, you need to complete the Creatures Card Collection.

Where is Coin Master Pets are in game?

Your can the left of the SPIN button (starting from 4th level Village). Click the pet to go to the Coin Master Pets Area. The Pets Area is where you feed your pet to keep them awake and give them XP Potions to increase level of them!

How to Hatch Eggs in Coin Master?

To hatch an egg, steer to the pet menu and, using the arrows found on the sides of the mobile screen then find the egg you wish to hatch and tap on it. That’s it! Your pet is now with you and ready to help you in Coin Master game.

How can level up Coin Master Pets in game?

Pets perform their several tasks within a definite limit that can be raised by leveling them up.

In level up a pet, you should collect XP. Your collected XP can be seen in the bottom right corner of the Coin Master Pets menu. While looking at a pet, tapping the XP button will give it a definite percentage of the total XP in your collection.

When you have sufficient XP, your pet will automatically level up and grow the amount of help they give you. XP is also be got each time your Pet execute their action and they may level up due to this as well. 

How to purchase pet treats and XP?

Coin Master Pets Treats and XP Potions can be purchased in Coin Master Shop. This can be obtained by navigating to the slot screen and clicking on the coin bank in the top left. In the Coin Master shop, scroll to the bottom to find great deals for Coin Master Pet supplies. These items can also be got periodically while playing Coin Master.

How to earn pet treats and XP in Coin Master

On some moments, you will get XP Potions or Treats while spinning as extra gifts given on top of the coins or activity that were already earned.

XP Potions can also be earned as a gifts for building structures or for fixing your Village items after they had been damaged by others attack to your Village.

How to feed Coin Master Pets?

To feed your Coin Master Pets, tap on the pet that is on the left side of the spin button to load up the Coin Master Pets menu. Once there, select the pet you want to feed and tap on the pet treats button found on the bottom right corner of the screen. Multiple snacks can use on a pet at the same time to start up it for longer periods of time. 

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