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Coin Master Viking Quest – Easy to win Viking Quest

Coin Master Viking quest is an event in Coin Master game. You can win Coins, Pet Potions, XP, Chests and Gold Cards. You have stacked coins and you are betting it to complete 10 levels. Anticipate for when you use these Coin Master Viking Quest cheats.

Coin Master Viking Quest bonus wheel method

Coin Master Viking Quest begin simply. You have to play 5 times and the coins required for that are given to you. After that there’re a few levels in Bonus wheel. The first big barrier is level 6. In this level you have to win a pile of coins from the bonus wheel. How to get bonus wheel in Coin Master? Problem is that the bonus wheel only shows up every once in a while, big wins don’t recompense your betted coins. There are 3 ways you can pick up.

Beating Viking Quest – 1st method

Coin Master Viking Quest is to play only until you finish level 6. In 6th level you’ll get the first gold card. Depending on the village you are on you likely will need around 1.5-2 billion coins. Lastly, you will get this using only a third of your heap. This is because you get winnings from a lot of combinations and you don’t want that much bonus wheel winnings.

Viking Quest – 2nd method

If you are impatient to get the second gold card in Viking Quest. If you are above village 100 then Winnings from 4 bn to 80 bn coins in the bonus wheel. Start playing at maximum bet and go do the laundry. Every once in a while check your winnings and start the next level. After entirely a while you will see you have both gold cards. This method can cost you various bn of coins. But maybe this method will complete you 1 or 2 sets. Make sure you use the big raids scheme to get enough coins stacked.

Viking Quest – 3rd method

If you don’t have to much coins. You can also try to get the second gold card. In 3rd method you play all levels in which you have to win coins at maximum bet. The amount of winnings will maybe the same as the amount of batting coins. Bonus wheel levels is small different. After like 12 to 20 bets you up the amount to maximum. This way you won’t lose this much coins in between bonus wheel spins.

Viking Quest – 4th method

Final way to beat Viking Quest is looking at blend of 3 hearts. It looks that chances of getting bonus wheel are higher just after you hit 3 hearts in a row. Therefore play at minimum bet until you get 3 hearts, after that set maximum bet and go until you reach bonus wheel. Don’t waste your time to find Coin Master Spins and Coins anywhere.
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